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End to end production
from CONCEPT to screen

Pre Production


Research is the backbone of any successful production. For us, each project begins with immersive research into the theme and the subject at hand.


A well crafted script weaves the core message into the visual flow. We approach scriptwriting as a dynamic process where story and craft go hand in hand.


With more than 15 years of experience in the field, handling logistics is second nature to us.

Video Shoot


For any project, the most crucial aspect is to stay true to the story. And that is where careful direction comes into play. Our style is fluid and organic, we let the story guide us.


The associations that we have developed with fellow Nomads hightens our production capabilities. We work with brilliant professionals from cinematographers to art directors, all coming together to create the magic on location.

Post Production


Editing is an explosive mix between the creative and technical aspects of post production. It brings in the flow & flare crucial to effectively tell a story.


Sound Design is an intrinsic part of every film and its experience. We work with versatile vo artists, musicians and sound producers to give each project its own unique identity.


No film is complete without a trailer. It is these short snippets of mood and story that hooks the viewer, builds anticipation and creates an audience for the final product.

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