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We tell compassionate stories that
resonate with this fast changing world.
Created by a dynamic mix of collaborators
these films trigger inspiration.

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As filmmakers we bring adventure into the mundane and breathe life into your stories. While staying true to the brand essence, we create impactful content.


Behind the Scenes at an Urban Farm

Araku Originals

Sometimes life presents us an opportunity to get closer to the roots, observe nature transitioning seeds into fruits and reinforce the true joy of being one with this earth. Sometimes we get the chance to lose ourselves in the farming world of sowing, nurturing and harvesting. This is a glimpse into that close encounter with our verdant pastures and the people who continue to build a bridge between the crops they sow and the food we eat. This is Behind the Scenes at Urban Farms Co.

We are grateful for the farmers of Delhi and their families, who were a part of this filming process. It was their valuable time and insights that made this film possible. Also it was a great pleasure to host and film with the guests who chose to be a part of this experience.

We make films that
excite, educate and inspire.

Through our experience, we bring on board an inherent understanding of the challenges that life presents and create work that is culturally relevant.
Truth Based Stories
for social causes
Films that become tools for social impact and policy change. Stories that spark compassion, forming a deeper understanding of on ground challenges. Character driven narratives which give us a glimpse into their varied yet connected lives.
Adventure Stories
from daily lives
Adventure is an attitude, a state of mind. We create films that feature people and highlight their unique attitudes towards life. People who continue to serve others even in the face of adversities. Stories high on inspiration and sensitive in nature.
Timeless Stories
with a fresh perspective
Classic documentaries that cut across generations. A collaboration between veteran knowledge and new techniques. Young and edgy treatment to stories from the natural world and our evolving culture, connecting with a younger tribe.

Our Clients

It was a delight to work with Ipshita and the Reel Nomads team. Their ability to take our business brief and translate it into a captivating creative spin was truly commendable. The first cut of the film exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks to the Reel Nomads  for their professionalism and dedication in delivering such a lovely experience.
It has been a great pleasure to work with the team in creating conservation films which were highly acclaimed by more than 200 International partner organisations at the Global Lake Marathon. I thank the team and wish to work in more such projects in future towards protection of the environment, working closely with the communities and contribute to building a sustainable planet.
Ajanta Dey
Joint Secretary & Programme Director
Nature Environment & Wildlife Society
Reel Nomads have the knack of understanding the right sensibilities required by different projects and are quick to adapt to evolving demands. Ipshita approaches projects with an open mind and is able to give creative solutions to production restraints ensuring a quality product delivered timely. Over the year she and her team have handled tough production demands by celebrities and the calmness with which they handle it, has been very impressive. They delivered an excellent, well researched and beautifully shot series for us on Mission Paani.
Aditi Singh
EX-Executive Vice President
Special Projects, TV18
We, at Riverbank Studios, have worked with Ipshita on various projects over the past 5 years and she uniquely stands out. She is a delight to work with, committed till the end and takes ownership of any project she is involved with. She worked very closely on 3 very demanding National Geographic productions as a location director and producer. It’s not just her production and creative skills that impress me, however. Ipshita is always  a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and taking on each challenge with a big smile.  
Doel Trivedy
Director / Producer
Riverbank Studios
Ipshita & Niladri's professionalism in crafting “Littered Dignity”, PRIA’s film on women sanitation workers in India, was commendable. They were sensitive in ther filming of the women sanitation workers. We felt “heard” as a client, given their open-ness to listening and understanding our creative suggestions. The making of the film was truly collaborative. We have further comissioned multiple films with them.
SUmitra srinivasan
communication director
PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia)
Niladri and his team have a knack of getting the brief bang on. Be it an over-exhaustive film trailer or a corporate brand film their ability to turn around with edit solutions at any given time of the day caught my eye instantly. We continue to work together on several projects and I wish them all the very best.
Uday Singh Jhala
Creative Director, Slice Media
Ipshita was able to quickly grasp the idea we envisioned for our India films. She professionally executed the vision and implemented within our timelines. It was a seamless experience to work with her and her team.
Jaime Ramirez
Chief Investment Officer, Grassroots Business Fund
I have known Ipshita for over 7 years during which time she worked with me at NDTV and she has also worked with our Start-up ICPL. Ipshita brings innovative ideas and her productivity and efficiency is unmatched. Apart from ideating, directing and scripting Ipshita is an all in one filmmaker. Her biggest strength is that she can make effective campaigns in any genre and in any budget. I recommend Ipshita without reservation.
Monica Narula
Founder, Idea Chakki
It was a great experience collaborating with Ipshita and her team. They brought a lot of creativity and passion to the project. They were also very receptive to feedback, constantly working towards bettering the product. Greatly appreciate them being able to work within the given timelines and commitments.
Sujata Kulshreshtra
Founder, Wide Angle Films
This is to declare that Reel Nomads was awarded the works of producing a fifteen minute dcumentary film on National Security Guard. This film is to be used as an introductory component at the NSG museum at Manesar. The technical and creative team have done a commendable job in the given time. The film serves the purpose and requirements for which it is made and will be included as an useful display for the Key Gallery. Wish the team great success for the future too.
Jhumur Singh
Founder, Astro linkS
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